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Allows you to build a custom search filter. Note – Using CLI To customize error pages through CLI, execute the following command. The server instances available in the server root you entered appear under Installed Servers. Installed Servers Select a Server to Migrate. When I access the page that is not part of the Web application, do I get the custom 404 Error page or default Error page.

Specifies the organizational unit under which you want to search for entries. Specifies the parent organizational unit under which this new organizational unit will reside. Create organizational unit. Searches each entry's full name for a match. Deletes the group from the LDAP directory. Help. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19146-01/821-1827/abulh/index.html

You can choose from the following options: full name. is. You can achieve the same effect by simply leaving the field blank. Specifies the organizational unit where you want the new user to be placed.

Its good to see the same result which was expected. Treats any string that contains an equal sign (=) as a search filter (for example, ou=Network). You may not want to give the user nobody group access to all files. Thanks.

When the plugin encounters 500 or 404 or any other HTTP error, it sets the HTTP Status code and the return value is REQ_PROCEED. Any LDAP search filter. Selecting this box will export your database to an LDIF file. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19146-01/821-1827/abuma/index.html The following are the return types sent by the SAF.

The error-page element specifies a mapping between an error code or exception type to the path of a resource in the Web application. You must enter a host name even if the directory server is running on the local machine. Port. Referers allow the server to create a list of backtracked links. Do not delete all the ACL rules from the ACL files.

Specifies the permissions for the new community. Determines the default timeout, in seconds, for un-chunking request data. Specifies the directory path to the location of the server's web documents. OK. Saves your entries. Reset.

Specifies the number of entries to retrieve (starting with the most recent). Only show entries with. Causes a sub-string search to be performed. Disables the user's password by setting it to an invalid value. Help. Restarts the SNMP master agent. The Users & Groups Tab The Users & Groups tab contains the following pages:


A full name or a partial name. If what you enter in this field is different from what you entered in the Password field, you will be prompted to try again. Set password. ChunkedRequestTimeout (Optional) Common to all Service-class functions. Specifies whether you are searching for users or groups. Matching.

Describes an organization within your company. In order to migrate web publishing successfully, in addition to migrating your metadata, you must also choose to keep your old document root under the Document Root section. Search Collections wadm> set-error-page --user=admin --password-file=admin.pwd --host=serverhost --port=8989 --config=config1 --vs=config1_vs_1 --code=500 --error-page=/server-error-uri-new See CLI Reference, set-error-page(1).

The recommended value is 503.

Erases your changes and resets the elements in the page to the values they contained before your changes. Help. For example, to allow or deny all computers in a specific domain, you would enter a wildcard pattern that matches all hosts from that domain, such as *.iplanet.com. Update. error-code - an integer value exception-type - a fully qualified class name of a Java Exception type location - location of the resource in the webapp relative to the root of If security is not enabled, and you still want to migrate your certificate, you can do that using the Server Manager.

All the groups currently residing in your directory. Specifies the fully qualified hostname used in DNS lookups (for example, www.iplanet.com). description. Before you can enable a custom error response, you must create the HTML file to send or the CGI program to run in response to an error.