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500 Error With Elgg

What else have you changed recently? You won't get any answers faster if you bump your threads all the time. 0 likesBy TSFI 1928 days [email protected] - Now I deleted the .htaccess file just in case but Use any of these options (maybe "Restore all" is better suited in your case). Then once the configuration issue is fixed, install 1.7.9. http://rlegsoftware.com/500-error/500-error-running-elgg.php

The directories / subdirectories / files in the Elgg installation directory and below should not have write permissions for group and others. gts fan9@gtsfan 0 likesBy gts fan9 847 days agoiionly, I know your message is very old but I just wanted to reply and let you know that the issue occurred again Then create a file you name "disabled" in the mod directory of your Elgg installation. moneya@sociabie 0 likesBy moneya 862 days agothe problems is not on the server the problem is with elgg..

I just called them and someone is supposed to be calling me back..... :). And also, after that message, when I refresh the page, the internal server error 500 comes back!I don't understand! You can look in that plugin's start.php for that call. On the first hand I am sure the information is correct.

On some servers a setting of 777 for folders will not work. This bots pass the captcha without problems. My domain actually has htaccess and all those important files.I hope you answer as soon as possible.Bye.Replies Cash@costelloc 0 likesBy Cash 1928 days agohttp://docs.elgg.org/wiki/500_-_Internal_Server_Error 0 likesBy TSFI 1928 days agoIt still Iolie@Iolie 0 likesBy Iolie 1899 days agoOk.

Clyde K@clydek 0 likesBy Clyde K 2140 days agoI don't know why I would need the system logs...Will disable garbage collector.Thanks @ Cash You must log in to post replies. If your Elgg site is installed on a subdirectory on your domain (e.g. and elgg has previously createde the .htacces without any problems. their explanation iionly@iionly 0 likesBy iionly 1928 days agoWithout a .htaccess file it won't work.

If you deleted spam accounts after a spam bots attack it's always good to check if there might have remained some entities with errors. How do I directly display a man page? If the file is not yet created you can create it yourself by copying/renaming settings.example.php to settings.php and edit the file (database user, password, database name, server (most likely 'localhost'), and writing arcpy point feature geometries from dictionary 5D MkIII - how to maintain exposure (ratio) in M What are the Starfleet regulations on crew relationships or fraternizing?

Legal ©2014 the Elgg Foundation Elgg is a registered trademark of Thematic Networks. https://elgg.org/discussion/view/1223274/error-fatal-500-internal-server-error You could disable the garbage collector plugin. Those new tables can be exported/dropped depending on your requirements.The garbage collector runs the optimize query. Can You help me?We have a lot of malicius bots in our web.

Why are some programming languages turing complete but lack some abilities of other languages? Please let us know if you have any questions.My site is now accessable but without knowing what may have caused this it would be hard for me to prevent it re-occuring.Can asked 1 year ago viewed 197 times active 1 year ago Related 0Elgg Installation Problems0Elgg 1.7.7 Installation - Blank Page after Database Settings232WAMP error: Forbidden You don't have permission to access How to write down a note that is sustained while there are other simultaneous in the same bar?

Then do the upgrade in your test installation to Elgg 1.7.10 (backup everything first!!). Elgg Technical SupportGet support from other Elgg users Group activityGroup blogGroup discussions NavigationHomeCommunityBlogHostingServicesLearnDownload Elgg Contact [email protected] Security issues should be reported to [email protected]! more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed It creates rotates out the system log table and creates additional tables like elgg_system_log_1280283612.

thecamfoundation.org/NSF/learningcenterlearningcenter is what I changed the name of the elgg folder to.I'm worried I may have overlooked some small detail that is causing the error.I copied and renamed the htaccess_dist file This problem damages my nerves!mod_rewrite does work on my page, but I don't know why theres a problem? You must log in to post replies.

Elgg Technical SupportGet support from other Elgg users Group activityGroup blogGroup discussions NavigationHomeCommunityBlogHostingServicesLearnDownload Elgg Contact [email protected] Security issues should be reported to [email protected]!

There is a thread for 1.7.3 upgrade I would go ask there. Everything was working great for many months with that plugin and no settings were changed in the last few days...but somehow suddenly this occurred. You should creat it on the same level as the public_html folder instead, i.e. The site worked "fine", fast, without problems.No new plugings or changes added in the last two weeks.This last days dosen't work.

I can confirm that it appears the Elggx Userpoints plugin is causing some side effects.For me those side effects were:1. Legal ©2014 the Elgg Foundation Elgg is a registered trademark of Thematic Networks. Legal ©2014 the Elgg Foundation Elgg is a registered trademark of Thematic Networks. I installed the latest version of elgg (again) this evening.

Then I installed the latest version of Elggxuserpoints (1.8.5) and confirmed the same problems occurs with the plugin activated and then dissappears witht he plugin disabled.I'm not sure of how or Maybe best thing would be to use Elgg 1.7.10, get it running. AllowOverride All I edited the .htaccess file to add "ReWriteBase /~elgg/"For testing, I also installed phpMyAdmin and manage to connect to the mysql database server (and to the elgg3DB database I Kevin Jardine@kevin 0 likesBy Kevin Jardine 1900 days agoServer errors can really be anything and often have little to do with Elgg's own code but rather your specific server configuration.Typically more

getting Elgg running on your domain with your previous test installation and or upgrading Elgg at the same time), you should first get Elgg working on your server. and because I do not bother to uninstall :D-- But the same errors exist in IE ( tested this last Friday ;) )If I use the default htaccess I get the An empire to last a hundred centuries i love yOu i lOve you i love yOu! Anyone feels the same?Sorry for my English.Regards, Wogker.Replies Wogker@Wogker 0 likesBy Wogker 1261 days ago[SOLVED] The pluging Elggx Userpoints cause the error.

You can find it under "Apache" -> "Apache error log" in wampmanager.exe options. After repairing databases (the initial corruption may have been a result of other things I was trying and may nto be due to the plugin) and further trying to isolate things AboutTermsPrivacyDomain policy About Blog Services Hosting Community Developers Download Log in Username or email Password Remember me RegisterLost password ActivityGroupsShowcasePluginsThemesDiscussionsElgg Blog DiscussionsElgg Technical SupportSite innaccessable...'500 Internal Server Error' Clyde K@clydek 0 I have missed the part in the installationfile, which said that settings in settings.php is without '{{' and '}}'Thank You for helping me out ;) You must log in to post

And then Joomla on www.youth-helpline.inafter installation of joomla , I am seeing this error while directing to Elgg website (www.youth-helpline.in/community/ )Please help me how to fix it, I will be highly A lot of actions (news blogs, tweets, coments, etc.) shows an error 500 (server error). Probably too much activity in my web! :-) gts fan9@gtsfan 0 likesBy gts fan9 1196 days agoThank you so much for your message!