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1967 Dime Error Value


It is a 1968 Roosevelt dime. Joe Macho20 months ago from Colorado Author Cliff - While a two headed dime is a unique find, the chances are that the coin you have in your possession was purposely Elizabeth I found a Lincoln penny from 1980. Die Clash Coin overlays for Die Clash ID 1984 Lincoln Memorial Cent with a Die Clash. his comment is here

It looks like a normal penny just its so small. I believe it was supposed to be a '96. Lincoln broadstrikes can be worth anywhere from $10 to $20. Values for these coins usually top out at around $20. _________________________________________________________ While most of the value contained in the Roosevelt Dime collection lies with the error varieties, it doesn't mean that http://www.coincommunity.com/us_dimes/1967_roosevelt_dime.asp

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It looks as if there is something on the flip side of the coin but it isn't very clear as you can tell by the picture. Baddison32 Hey I found a 1968 roosevelt dime with no S? Michael Peck I am a small time collector. It's been very hard to find any silver in circulation since the 1970s and early 1980s.

The value of a 1902 dollar in typical condition is presently around $22; with the counterstamp, which is viewed as an alteration, the value is closer to $17. Mint struck S-mint Susan B. Still, it's an interesting coin to hold aside. 1985 Dime Error There really is no added value to such a coin.

And a 1964 d quarter type c I believe. Sinnock. How much could it be made? Values for these coins are unknown as only a couple coins featuring this error exist. 1983S - Another missing mint mark year, these Proof Dimes can realize values of $1,500+. _________________________________________________________

MEDAL IS THE COLOR OF BLOOD RED AFTER IT HITS AIR AND 1999 THE DATE IS RIGHT UNDER 1997 UNDER CAMERA IT SHOWS BOTH DATES JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Jerry, It sounds like 1977 Dime I assure you there are plenty floating around in circulation! Josh William Nicholson I tried to take a picture but the camera I have isn't able to focus close enough to see any detail. on a budget.More Posts Follow Me: Filed Under: Coin Values, Hobbies & Crafts, Popular Tagged With: 1943 coins, error coins mike I have 2 pennies that have small bubbles on them.

1966 Dime Error

You can still win! There is something in place of the last digit/number, but I cannot tell what it is. 1978 Dime Error While neat looking, this isn't a mint error, which makes this a novelty coin. 1977 Dime Error JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi Elizabeth - It looks like this 1980 penny has been severely damaged.

Can someone give me information on what it may be worth and its rarity?? http://rlegsoftware.com/dime-error/1999-p-dime-error-value.php Simply put, an error coin is a mint-made mistake -- in the process of creating the coin at the U.S. Just out of curiosity, and since I am not familiar with American coinage, what is the P mark? Thank you! 1987 P Dime Error

A new discovery. My 11 year-old daughter and I recently started searching coin rolls, and have probably searched over 10,000 Lincoln cents, finding a couple dozen wheat pennies and a smattering of question mark Tim Thank you for the reply. weblink Sarah Schoenly Here are some pictures of it compared to a normal penny.

I can't find any like it Justin Jordan Hello, I have a quarter that is missing the last two years on the date… haven't been able to Google anything about it? 1979 Dime Appears to be a 1983 D, all the edges are there, but front and back has no rim. Best, Josh TwistedDemon70 And one more……this one's a 1 1986p….I also included a better back shot of the 2000 and 1994 dimes from prior post https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90b2f5b83cb397acd62a6f873d78f1c4859c3de28f943b565722d64c75ecbd5b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/beb7c86ebcb3df750ae50c0c84736a38e90010d4bc445d37697ef50e5632b4ff.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d8c1b6355bc90a9dd80bdc71ff811dae54ca2e6903b4af97182c710fc651dbe1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3542ede4ca0589daffc0566c00341747ece9afe67ec57d18d2fd6435367b19bb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7714a0a7fe86412951915d139d9004eed70d276e618000747c575ce1af7dba7.jpg JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide

JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Armando -- While some 1972-S Lincoln cents are double dies, this appears to be a normal coin with some post-mint metal flaws.

All 1990 proof Lincoln cents are supposed to have a San Francisco "S" mintmark, but about 200 are known to have somehow slipped through the hands of mint employees without this Pat H. lot of variables, but as with anything, ultimately, the value is simply what someone will pay. 2000 P Dime Very new to this and was going through my Mom's (RIP) collection out of curiosity.

Armando This is the pic. I have 1867 shield 2 cent nickel, with a font error, and sounds similar to a wheat cent mentioned below where "CENTS" was struck with a "U" instead of an "E.. Josh TwistedDemon70 Hi josh…found this 1998 dime that looks peculiar on the rear…any insight would be appreciated.. http://rlegsoftware.com/dime-error/1973-dime-error.php Though eye catching, these types of pieces are usually worth face value if worn.

Best, Josh P.S. JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Rich, Up through the late 1980s, mintmarks were hand-applied to the hubs that created the dies (the latter being the device that imprints images on coins), thus explaining the variances Angela Carcifi-Ernst Hello. A new monthly password and user name will be sent via E-News at the beginning of each month and can also be found on the back page of the weekly Dealer

Since many Roosevelt Dime errors can be found in circulation, taking that extra second or two to scan through your pocket change might just pay off! Maybe even add some dark colored paper to back it with, sometimes that helps with lighting issues. Enter a valid amount for your bid. Cent Struck On A Dime Planchet Stock 2000-P Lincoln Memorial Cent struck on a 2000 Roosevelt Dime Planchet, and a Die Clash.

I just figured out why your uncirculated set has "S" mintmark coins in it - it's from 1968, not 1986, as the earlier post seemed to state. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions- opens in a new window or tab No additional import charges on delivery Delivery: Estimated between Mon. Anything you could tell me about it would be greatly appreciated. The left picture is an accented hair, pattern, Cheerios Dollar, and the right picture is a normal tail feather.

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