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1989 D Dime Error


Very scarce! Copy the html above to display the graph on your website! MS62 RB spots $19.95, MS63 RD w/a few specks typical for the grade $25.00, MS64 RD $45.00, MS65 RD $95.00 1947-D/D 1c RPM#3 South. MS60/Spots $3.25, MS62 $4.00 1959-D/D/D/D 1c RPM#9 D/D/D/D South & South & South. http://rlegsoftware.com/dime-error/1989-dime-error.php

While it has a few more dings than the aforementioned MS64 sold by Heritage, its surfaces are much cleaner in that it does not have the preponderance of planchet stains that MS63/64 mostly Red w/some purple tone...$4.50, MS63+ RD....$5.95, MS64/+RD $7.50 1960-D/D Large Date 1c RPM#17 D/D Wide North. By 1972, silver coins were all but gone from circulation and so were the pre-1959 Lincoln cents with the "wheat ears" design on the reverse. I don't see a double strike. my response

1989 P Dime Value

CONECA: DDO-001, VCR#1/DDO#1. Nice and very scarce to rare! Die chip under T of LIBERTY.

Here again, a 5- power magnifying glass will enable you to identify the error quickly and easily. This occurs when an obverse die strikes the reverse die (without a coin between them), and some of the design of the opposite die is struck on both dies. It isn't a great rarity, but it's certainly an interesting conversation piece, it's worth a few dollars-and it's findable in ordinary pocket change. 1997 Dime Error Fairly minor showing best in upper serif.

MS64RD ... $24.95, ANACS-64 RED (PQ) this is a solid MS65/+ by anybody's standard $35.00, MS65RD $45.00, ANACS65 RED $55.00, ANACS-66 RED $75.00

1946-D/D 1c RPM#6 D/D North. 1989 Gold Plated Dime I could use a reference tool...lol. Nice on Liberty and IGWT. Contact Us|Advertise Here|Privacy Policy / Terms of Use Coin Community Forum © 2005 - 2016 Coin Community Forums It took 0.33 seconds to rattle this change.

ERROR DIME 1977 D ROOSEVELT OFF CENTER 60% K1 UNCIRCULATED RARE $5.504 bids1977 d dime ten cents brilliant uncirculated condition. 1993 Dime Error There's no disputing, though, that many examples have changed hands for $50 or more. Half Dimes U.S. It's also not a double struck coin either.

1989 Gold Plated Dime

Circulation finds were exciting 30 years ago, and they're still exciting today. http://www.usacoinbook.com/coins/dimes/roosevelt/ Sell / Add Sell Coins Coin Auction Wishlist Catalog Coins Register Sign in View Desktop Version Close Menu Coin Menu HOME PAGE Encyclopedia US Coin Melt Values Coin Melt Calculators Half 1989 P Dime Value Stuff for Members Member Photo Galleries New CCF Member Sales1944-P & 1944-D MS65FS Jeff War Nickels for $40Junk silver dollars and half dollar for sale!Uncut 4-note sheets - $1 series 2003A, Antique 1989 P Dime Copyright 2005 - 2016 Coin Community Family- all rights reserved worldwide.

They have a very nice golden-brass color and are sure to please! this content Half Dollars U.S. Gil-galad posted Sep 29, 2016 at 12:29 PM Couple new Morgans! Don't be fooled by dealers that offer this variety for lower prices but fail to mention the die-stage! 2015 Dime Errors

Very Strong doubling of WE TRUST, LIBERTY & 4 in date; STRONGEST DOUBLED DIE FOR THE ENTIRE SILVER SERIES! Up to then, silver coins dating back 30 years or more were commonplace in pocket change, but after that they vanished-along with all the rest of the silver coins. Die events, One of a kind errors 4. weblink This one is listed by John Wexler as WDDO-011 is very similar to FS#1c-030.1 except underlying 0 is more centered and also shows in the center of the upper loop of

Anthony 1979 Dollar Coin 1979-P 2 Holes in Temple. 4.1970-D Bad Clad Dime. 5.1972 ? 1993 P Dime Error These errors obviously went through the Schuler edge letting machine with the edge lettering die set too tight. Nice!

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Comes with copy of Mint letter of explanation and reprints of Coin World articles on the variety if requested. See Photos. So you'll need a sharp pair of eyes-and a magnifying glass would be helpful, too. 1974 Dime Error RE-CUT DIE - OVER-DATE 1867 Indian Cent 1867/67 over date.

Closer images would help. Coin Auction Links: Buy Coins $1 Gold $10.00 Gold $2.50 Gold $20.00 Double Eagle $3.00 Gold $5.00 Gold Colonial Coinage Mint Errors Rolls Of U.S. FS-801, VCR#2/DDR#1, RED BOOK VARIETY! check over here A super RPM to the North!.

MS60 Red $6.50, MS62 Red $7.50, MS63 Red $9.50, MS64 Red $12.50 1958-D/D/D 1c RPM#1 South & Serifs. The following are from original brilliant uncirculated rolls:MS64/++ RD $295.00,MS65 RD $350.00, MS66 RD $550.00 1999-S 1c Proof Ty-1 FS-901 (Business Strike Style Reverse); reported as the lead front page story If the second image appear flat or shelf-like then it's not a double die. See the Cherrypickers' Guide for pictures.

Up until 1980, dimes produced at the Philadelphia Mint never carried a mint mark. Join Our Free Forum!It's free to join and you can't ask too many questions and we like to share our coinsLearn more Coin ValuesCheck out our U.S. Half Cents U.S. A CONECA Top 100 RPM!

Stage w/crack on shoulder; unlisted rev die stage showing heavy stoning NE to SW over its entirety. Most have plating blisters but are solid Red! Intro, older coins, toned coins 2. Some of the loose-ends that were not noticed by the authors never got fixed resulting in a few pricing errors scattered throughout the book.