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Only serious bidders, please. It boiled down to a problem with libcurl's use of 54 GetTickCount() interally to figure out the current time, while Igor's own 55 application code used another function call. 56 57 We expect it to be no longer than 2 minutes. Usually we will provide a script, voiceover and sometimes storyboards, sfx as well for each project.

Now it works. This is very common since servers don't take the newline 651 conversions into account. 652 653Kamil Dudka (14 Jan 2010) 654- Suppressed side effect of OpenSSL configure checks, which prevented NSS This should help folks who have set up their computer with 1026 large send buffers. 1027 1028Daniel Stenberg (27 Sep 2009) 1029- I introduced a maximum limit for received HTTP headers. The issue was hard to find, reported several times 901 before and always closed unresolved. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/193625

Error Code 12002 (timeout)

These were only 873 placebo options. Yes No George4Tacks , Enrolled Agent (1975) AllStar Add a comment Comment 1 additional answer No answers have been posted This post has been closed and is not open for comments I 369 think that in my case it gets executed at some point later on when execution 370 has long left Curl_resolv_timeout() or even the cURL library. 371 372 The code

It seems GetTickCount() in general often has 60 no better resolution than 16ms and switching to the alternative function 61 QueryPerformanceCounter has its share of problems: 62 http://www.virtualdub.org/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=106 63 64 We I now changed it slightly again to make 739 sure we do them in this order: 740 741 1 - parse URL and figure out what protocol is used in the All major browsers also already do 641 this, so this makes our behavior one step closer to them in the cookie area. 642 643 Test case 8 was the only one 12002 Error_internet_timeout We do that with the style and format of our responses.

The threader resolver 225 code was mostly added on Jan 26 2010. 226 227Daniel Stenberg (24 Apr 2010) 228- Alex Bligh introduced the --proto and -proto-redir options that limit what 229 Wininet Error Codes Like 1312 "" 1313 1314- Modified the separators used for CURLOPT_CERTINFO in multi-part outputs. That is means a question mark (?) and characters on the right 1042 side of that. http://code.metager.de/source/xref/curl/CHANGES.0 The Matlab code takes a input image as argument and gives 4 output files.

Fixed an 48 SPNEGO related memory leak. 12019 Error_internet_incorrect_handle_state Thank you 25 Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Animation Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 201620h 59m - FEMALE Voice Over Needed, Up to 2 minute script Need a female voice over for It turned out to be because fwrite() returned success, but 819 there was insufficient error-checking for the fclose() call which tricked 820 curl to believe things were fine. 821 822Yang Tse Now the client certificates can be selected 1260 automatically by a NSS built-in hook.

Wininet Error Codes

The code itself only tried on 5xx errors that occured _at login_. 774 Now the retry code retries on all FTP transfer failures that ended with a 775 4xx response. 776 The code assumed that when the easy handle was removed 359 and an internal reference was made, that version could be killed later on 360 when a new easy handle came Error Code 12002 (timeout) Fixed several LDAP related compilation 49 issues, and fixed some compiler warnings. 50 51Daniel Stenberg (1 June 2010) 52- Igor Novoseltsev reported a problem with the multi socket API and using Error Code 12031 Avoid jargon and technical terms when possible.

But VPATH builds would end 830 having two curlbuild.h files, one in the source tree and another in the 831 build tree. If the proxy 753 was given as an explicit option it worked, but due to the setup order 754 mistake proxies would not be used fine for a few protocols when Spam Profanity Threats/Abuse Inappropriate Virus/Danger Broken Links Other Recommended Answer 2 people found this helpful  Use Websetup whenever you have an install problem. Go to Start > Programs or All Programs > Lacerte > 2012 Lacerte Web Setup.  Was this When the app then calls libcurl 569 again, there's no timer set for this handle so it remains in the CONNECT 570 state. Windows Error Code 12002 In Loadrunner

write "yellow elephant" in the title of your proposal that I see that you understood what I ask thanks Beno... 11 Video Services, Voice Artist Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 201618h It is controlled by 1030 the define CURL_MAX_HTTP_HEADER which is even exposed in the public header 1031 file to allow for users to fairly easy rebuild libcurl with a modified 1032 It's okay to link to other resources for more details, but avoid giving answers that contain little more than a link. Set up a first web server that redirects (307) to a http://server:port 853 that's down 854 2.

I would then cause the first request 969 to be wrongly sent and then basically hang until the server closed the 970 connection. Error Code 12019 If there was a X509v3 Subject Alternative Name 1059 field in the certficate it had to match and so even if non-DNS and non-IP 1060 entry was present it caused the We dont want custom people drawn animation or characters.

Schweda fixed VMS builder bad behavior when used in a batch job, 521 removed obsolete batch_compile.com and defines.com and updated VMS readme. 522 523Version 7.20.0 (9 February 2010) 524 525Daniel Stenberg

There are currently 17,764 jobs waiting for you to start work on! (suggest changes) Please correct the error(s) below: Description suggestion Cancel Submit suggestion Hire Work Cron ftp script Jobs: ID Each test file has to be included in that Makefile.am to get 673 included in release archives and forgetting to add files there is a common 674 mistake. See docs for 1249 details. Http Error 12152 More info at the RH bug: 902 https://bugzilla.redhat.com/534176 903 904- libcurl-NSS now tries to reconnect with TLS disabled in case it detects 905 a broken TLS server.

He found a case where it would connect fine but bits.tcpconnect 341 was not set correct so libcurl didn't work properly. 342 343 (http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=2963679) 344 345- Akos Pasztory filed debian bug ossl_connect_common will then return to the caller, as a 133 multi handle is in use. There's a new test case 572 that verifies this 329 now. 330 331- The 'ares' subtree has been removed from the source repository. This helps when 1064 statically linking since libssh2 needs the SSL library link flags to be 1065 set up already to satisfy its dependencies.

This is a regression that was introduced in 7.19.1 and I find it 1019 strange it hasn't hit us harder, but I won't persue into figuring out 1020 exactly why. 1021 Most questions get a response in about a day. The video needs to be 1.5-2 mins in duration. I guess 374 that instead of simply returning without cleaning up, the code should have a 375 goto that jumps to the spot right after the call to Curl_resolv(). 376 377Kamil

No code before 1303 Curl_http uses data->state.first_host anyway. 1304 1305Guenter Knauf (4 Jul 2009) 1306- Markus Koetter provided a patch to avoid getnameinfo() usage which broke a 1307 couple of both I wrote test case 1105 and fixed this problem. 1043 1044Kamil Dudka (26 Sep 2009) 1045- Implemented a protocol independent way to specify blocking direction, used by 1046 transfer.c for blocking. It turned out I 737 was a bit too quick and broke test case 1101 with that change. Martin Storsjo provided the fix! 796 797Yang Tse (28 Nov 2009) 798- Added Diffie-Hellman parameters to several test harness certificate files in 799 PEM format.

Once the script is ready - it should be running daily at a scheduled time in our heroko instance... 7 Python, Web Scraping, Heroku, Google Maps API Sep 23, 2016 Sep The key to success is then you properly setup 1103 PKG_CONFIG_PATH before invoking configure. 1104 1105 I also improved how NSS is detected by trying nss-config if pkg-config isn't 1106 present, It showed the 943 wrong percentage for small files, most notable for <1000 bytes and could 944 easily end up showing more than 100% at the end. Be encouraging and positive.

This wouldn't be necessary if 1066 the libssh2 configure check was changed to use pkg-config since the 1067 --static flag would add the dependencies automatically. 1068 1069Yang Tse (14 Sep 2009) Transient FTP errors are in the 773 4xx range. Using this option on a server 715 that doesn't support this command will make libcurl fail. 716 717 I added test cases 1107 and 1108 to verify the functionality. 718 719 Note that this feature depends on a new enough libssh2 version, to 1250 be supported in libssh2 1.2 and later (or current git repo at this time). 1251 1252Michal Marek (22

The new fix now 398 removes the easy handle from all connections, not just the first one. 399 400Daniel Stenberg (6 Mar 2010) 401- Ben Greear brought a patch that fixed The problem does not easily show itself using the local 177 test suite though. 178 179 The fix, also as suggested by Dirk, is a bit on the ugly side as