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1944 S Wheat Penny Error


Can you tell me anything about it? The back of the coin reads " UNITED TATES OF AMERICA" No S. I would encourage you to visit the link I provided. What Would You Like To Do Now? his comment is here

Munzen | April 2, 2015 - Reply Cents have been made of copper-plated zinc since mid-1982. i recommend you tak it to a coin collector and let him price it. If the seemingly unique 1943-D copper had been auctioned in May or July 2008, it probably would have realized more than $500,000. Client Services Social Media Team theresa | March 21, 2015 - Reply I have a 1998 penny that seems to have some silvery color around the rim and on some of This Site

1946 Wheat Penny Error

james williamson | February 4, 2014 - Reply 1922 no mint mark in a 2011 book could be worth 750.00 1922 weak d could be 30 bucks and up condition is Thanks, Micheal Stewart i have a 1917 wheat penny , a 1942 dime and i have 2 1959 denver minted licoln wheat pennies are they worth anything ? Even more if it has any desirable mint markings. The 1914-D coin was minted in Denver.

Prices are usually less than a nickel. The reverse is all but missing the first S in States and the bottom left leg of the R in America below that. Marvin Rodriguez | February 28, 2014 - Reply We are always seeking consignments. 1945 D Penny Error Marvin Rodriguez | February 18, 2014 - Reply Our experts would love to learn more about your collection.

gene | February 8, 2014 - Reply i have a 1985 penny that is silver in color have you came across or herd of this Venus | February 13, 2014 - As with the above mentioned rare dates, all of these should be professionally authenticated. Benny Wyant I have a 1949 D penny, the one in the date is connected to the nine and slants at about a forty five degree angle, any ideas ? Missing the 1965D.

It's almost like the back side of a 7 but more straight down like a 1. 1952s Wheat Penny We have a Youtube channel that currently holds videos on tutorials on how to use our website, how to avoid forgeries and how to build your collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zOyIGkHQ7o You can follow Grandma past away, found lots of coins in a box. Kim Bright | March 1, 2014 - Reply Matt Draiss, you stated that you have a client that is trying to amass a million coins.

1951 D Wheat Penny Error

Cameron i have a 1993 penny that is completely gold in color, i fond it a few years ago and now im looking at my coins again JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Cameron, It's great View Last 100 Active Topics You vs. 1946 Wheat Penny Error Intro, older coins, toned coins 2. 1949 D Wheat Penny Error I have become very familiar with these.

CarrieG I have a 1941 penny with a hole where mint mark goes and has lump on opposite side. this content Thank you so much! The Wheat cent is one of the most famous coins to ever be made in the United States. So, in some logical or practical sense, the ‘correct' planchets are copper and steel planchets are aberrations. (Planchets used in 1944 and '45, and maybe in 1942 as well, were of 1953 S Wheat Penny Error

This is the price that a coin dealer would be willing to pay you for the coins. However, the slight visual differences between 1944-1946 Lincoln cents and copper cents from other years in the Lincoln Wheat Penny series are only distinct among uncirculated coins. CSSocialMedia | March 25, 2015 - Reply Hi Jeneal, thank you for sharing your collecting experience with us! weblink Munzen | April 2, 2015 - Reply There's no 1965-D cent to be missing.

Uhrich focuses on the fact that these “were struck on cent planchets,” the correct denomination. “A 1943 cent struck on a dime planchet is not worth anywhere near as much” and 1946 D Penny Error Our comments section is mostly for commenting and only allows remote image embeds. Are these worth anything.

It looks like the "R" in "LIBERTY" may be pretty soft, too.

Leave them just as they are. The other numbers are perfectly clear. proof set. 1949 Penny With No Mint Mark I have been saving them for 30 years.

Visit http://www.ha.com/common/sell.php?type=KK-hablog-cs-sellnow-021814 for more information. What a coincidence! Any value? check over here Matt buys, sells, and appraises all coins, paper money, medals, and tokens.

Posting on a blog always seems to elicit a bunch of "I have one, too, what's it worth?" responses - or worse yet, utterly false mythology that takes on a life JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Randy - Your 1961 Roosevelt dime is indeed silver and worth around $3. Larabelle7 iI have a 1919 penny,is it worth anything? If you think you found a 1958 doubled die penny, I would have it certified by a reputable authentication company, such as PCGS to verify that it is real.

Case I have about 20 something 1943 steel pennies,,and the date shows,,, 194 …I used a magnifier with a light,,compared it to the rest of the pennies,,theres just no 3 on When an error is found, it is replaced with one of these notes to keep the right count in the stack without having to reprint that exact serial number. Jm I have a 1973 penny with a smaller Kennedy face above the year facing president Lincoln.  Is this something that was engraved as an afterthought? This is the best way to keep it, I presume.

Coin valuation chart: Typical coin prices, values and worth per grade or condition - in USD Good(G-4) Very Good(VG-8) Fine(F-12) Very Fine(VF-20) Extremely Fine(EF-40) About Uncirculated(AU-50) Uncirculated(MS-60) Uncirculated(MS-63) Proof(PR-63) 488098123173230420656- MELT In April 2008, Heritage auctioned another 1944-D for $28,750. As I discussed in part 1, it seems that there is a maximum of twenty 1943 copper cents known, including Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mint strikings. This is one of the key error coins of the Lincoln Wheat Cent series.

I would like to think i was rich Jo | February 9, 2014 - Reply Interesting Ron Koller | February 9, 2014 - Reply My father collected a couple hundred 1960 To see retail prices of your coins, check out Professional Coin Grading Service Daily Price Guide for Lincoln Cents (1909-1958). Please visit https://www.ha.com/common/acquisitions.php?ta Search Coin Community General Coin Forum Mints Glossary Numismatic Search Engine Spot Prices Numismatic Articles Appraising A Coin Collection Numismatic Event Calendar Stamp Forum US Coins & Currency Nicole R.

All the best… Darrellgray Hello Josha I have a 1943 MS68 wheat penny its authenic by anicoins.com,i tried a magnet but its in a seal case and the magnet didnt pick Thank you.