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1949 S Penny Error


Anonymous Hi, Joseph -- Sounds like you have a trick coin there! Won't know for three weeks or so. Lassiehunter I have a 1945 D Wheat Penny. Erniediane i have a 1966 silver in color penny with a masonic emblem stamped in it, could you tell me if its worth anything? http://rlegsoftware.com/penny-error/1949-penny-error.php

Otherwise, I believe you have a "normal" 1942 Lincoln wheat cent that is worth around 5 cents. Such pieces don't really have much monetary value; perhaps it's worth a couple dollars to somebody who collects such pieces. I have taken two pictures, but not sure if they are clear enough to see the number 6 JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hello, Brenda - Somebody appears to have etched that "6" in on Thanks! http://cointrackers.com/coins/13612/1949-s-wheat-penny/

1949 D Over S Nickel

Yanna Chris I got a 1916 wheat penny with a bump or blob on the edge of the coin not the face front or back but the edge, what is this wheat cent, reverse is in great shape,heres the kicker, no obverse, NONE. Any help woould be greatly appreciated, Thanks Mrsb Birsen i have a 1952 d penny.

But that's of no concern to you: The only thing that matters is that this is a coin with premium value, and you can make a tidy little profit if you IT IS ALMOST SMOOTH O0N BACK STILL AS I SAID THE WORDING ,WHEAT STALKS, E.C.T. On the large date, by contrast, the tail of the 7 descends below the 0 and the top of the 0 extends above the top of the 7. 1953 D Wheat Penny Error It looks like there not only is a missing "S," but also a very faint "E" in "AMERICA." Something must have impeded the strike along a vertical orientation - perhaps it

Or, if you particularly love the thrill of a treasure hunt, you could focus your efforts on searching pocket change and bank rolls for these Pennies in circulation – plenty still 1949 Nickel Misprint Anonymous Yes, Dawn. Do you have any suggestions as to where I may take this coin for verification? his comment is here However, it strikes me as if it's been damaged in some way… If it's damaged, it would be essentially worthless.

JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, William - I have been collecting coins for more than 20 years and have run across more honest coin dealers than I can count on one hand. 1952 Wheat Penny Error Anonymous Hi, JDC -- It sounds like you have a novelty coin or, more specifically, an illusionist's coin. These coins still have a nice brilliant luster to them. Anthony Dollars?

1949 Nickel Misprint

As for the 1998-D, I don't know if it's extra cruddy from debris or looks the way it does due to an error. Perhaps 2,000 of these coins have shown up so far, but others are undoubtedly still in circulation, or hiding out in mint-state rolls of '84 Lincoln cents that dealers and collectors 1949 D Over S Nickel You'll also see dollar signs, for this coin is worth $50 or more in mint condition. 1949 S Nickel Value Guest Here are the pics you asked for.

Could you estimate how much it is worth please? check over here penny? It has 4 circles and a bar like fold over the wheat. Mint and is worth it's silver value - around $30 with current bullion values. 1949 D Wheat Penny Error

In 1979, the U.S. how do i know if its copper or zinc coated? If you're interested in finding out more about other mint marks (yes -- there are many others, too!) then check out this post: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2007/12/mint_marks_letters_on_coins.php Kewldave55 i collect error..wheats and others..i have http://rlegsoftware.com/penny-error/1977-d-penny-error.php can anyone provide me with some target dates that i need to pay close attention to?

The error of omission was embarrassing for the Mint, but it was wonderful news for enterprising collectors. 1951 D Wheat Penny Error If you don't see any scratches or gouges in the area of the missing digit, it's likely that the culprit was a filled die. Mint.

I know there are blank planchets but this has the face struck with the date and no back at all.

I choose to include these coins simply because they ARE out there and CAN be found--for while their premium value may be slight, they do possess (at least in the case How much did will I loose on the value? Often, parts of some older coins, such as the digit of a date, were struck weakly. 1911 Penny Check out more about third-party graders here: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/01/slabbed_coins.php I, however, am not placing a value on YOUR coin because I can't say if it's real and wouldn't know the value of

I enjoy sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about coins, weather, travel, health, food, and living green... Tags: 1949 S Penny, 1949 S Wheat Penny, 1949 S Wheat Penny value, 1949 S Wheat Penny worth, collector value, current wheat penny values, how many 1949 S Wheat Pennies were Art My friend and one more thing, How much approximately will be No date 1 cent type 2 blank weight 3.12 grams lincoln cent. weblink laslt it is missing the "s" in pluribus.

BittyBit I have a 1941 Wheat penny that does not stick to a magnet. Especially since this is a penny which does not normally have any "reed" on the edge. (My NEW term) JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hello again, Joe! Where can I find more info on it and what would it be worth? Also found an extremely thin 1930 and another very thin 1943s.

The P-mint small dates are much harder, though, to find in circulation. Thanks Anonymous Thanks for your question, Betkoski. These half circles clearly show the Lincoln Memorial and the words are reversed. CuriousChell I have a 1914 wheat penny, but it has no D…or is worn?

For example, an uncirculated example is worth around $17 to $20 and up.