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JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Bob - That's just simply because of the font used for the 4 at that time. First things first, those "D"s and "S"s are called mintmarks, and they stand for Denver and San Francisco, respectively, where those coins were made. Can anybody help me out with this? coins at this time to deter hoarding and collecting activities at a time when the nation suffered a coin shortage. http://rlegsoftware.com/penny-error/1985-penny-error.php

If this is what I suspect, then it would be worth face value. Zorko My son has been collecting pennies recently and we were looking thru a roll of pennies and stumbled across, what seems to say 1985 as the year and on the MS60/+...$18, MS63...$24.95, MS64 RD...$29.95, MS65 RD $49.95 1960-D/D Large Date 1c RPM#21 D/D North, Wexler-RPM-005. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads Useful Searches Recent Posts More...

1985 Misprint Penny

I have a 1960 Jefferson Nickel with no mint mark with error's that I can't find info on as being previously reported… so how do I know what is a real This is true, but applies only to a very small number of Lincoln cents of that date and mintmark that are considered numismatically "perfect" (or MS 70). Coin information Types and Varieties, OverlaysJefferson nickel doubled dies Wexler/Rebar complete listingstrail dies:http://www.traildies.com/ Edited by coop04/25/2016 11:38 pm Send note to Staff John1 Bedrock of the Community United States 16524 Posts rainsysalas What about a 1919 wheat penny or a 1947 D wheat penny?

Like to know why you don't have no information regarding this penny. Michael Norris Thanks. Alicia crew I have a wheat penny that has the wheat stamp on both sides but I cannot find a date on it either… JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Alicia - It sounds like 2007 Penny Errors Is it worth anything?

Anonymous Hi, Leeann -- Yes, your coin is a special novelty coin that many coin collectors like simply because of their historic value. Also the nickel on one side states" Liberty 1988″ and the other side states "Liberty 1985." I am not sure if it is a rotational error as well since the head Stage w/Die break on T of Cent.


Coin dealers: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/12/coin_dealer.php Coin authentication firms: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/01/slabbed_coins.php Austin Jagodzinski hello. 1980 Lincoln Cent Error Most of these will have some planchet stains typical to the variety. Josh Mike Holmes They have the mint coin the only one thats gold on the reverse sid https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4a2a4260395c1bd334303c8ec8c8a99aff61224931051fc5d576a870df69af3b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/778a9165cdc2c5d1d869530eed16d1ebc8cae7bfe0f0a7875b05d0324c246f2c.jpg e is the Kennedy JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hello, Mike! JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide A 1943 steel cent is worth around 25 cents, and your 2009 Lincoln bicentennial cent is worth only face value if worn.

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MS63...$15, MS64...$18, MS65 $24.00 1946-S/S 25c RPM#2 Later stage than above; many die-lines from stoning on obv/rev MS63/+ $15.00 1947-S/S 25c RPM#1 S/S West + DDO CONECA-1-0-II MS63+...$16.00, MS64/5 $18.95 1947-S/S/S check it out Anonymous Alton, Wheat pennies with filled dies are relatively common errors and commonly worth between $1 and $10 based on the condition of the coin. 1985 Misprint Penny It is listed by us as VCR#11/DDO#11 by CONECA as DDO-010 and by Billy Crawford as CDDO-013. Penny Error Guide How can I find out if this is a steel 1944 wheat penny; as well as find out the value for it?

Peachtree Slim The coin I have has all the markings on the back such as the Lincoln monument the words one cent everything JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi Peachtree, Is there by a chance this content Coins Coin Myths, Trivia & Facts Fun With Coins Coin Values More Electronics & Gadgets Health & Beauty Hobbies & Crafts Home & Garden Jobs & Money Outdoor Fun Travel U.S. MS60/+ w/planchet stains $35.00, MS63/+ RD $55.00 1985-D/D 1c RPM#5 A nice RPM shifted to the west. Unless I'm missing something that an even clearer photo might show (though these look good to me), I think these are otherwise ordinary coins. 2001 Penny Error

THAT HAVE THE VDB ON THE FRT LOWER OF THE LEFT COAT. What happened is that the reverse of your Kennedy half dollar has toned to a golden hue, which could have happened for any number of reasons. JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hello, Janelle - You'll want to check out this post and see if any of your coins are those listed among this run-down of the scarce dates: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/02/mercury_dime.php Good luck! http://rlegsoftware.com/penny-error/1985-penny-error-value.php Does this sound valuable?

Alesia Gaillard Hi Josh I'm having problem login into the site But I have these coins if you can take a look at, the 1968 could that be a inverted s 2014 Lincoln Cent Errors Just wondering if you've seen anything concerning that. A Top 100 RPM!

These errors obviously went through the Schuler edge letting machine with the edge lettering die set too tight.

Is this a real "error" that could be worth something? Thank you for your question, Shawn! Unlisted stage; exhibits the obv of Wiles' stage c w/die chip in upper 9 but rev has no die crack from wheat to rim. 1985 D Penny Error also the striking problems are visible at the eagle tail and wings.

If we feel a coin that was graded as an MS64 twenty-years ago is a solid MS65 by today's standards, we will state so and often price the coin accordingly as Kevin Offerosky I have a 1943 steel penny that is missing the 4! The result is that the coins were force-spun butted up all the way to the shoulder of the edge letting die thus transferring a sort of matte effect from the shoulder check over here MS63 (Specks and one small carbon spot at rim 5:00 O’clock) $18.00 1938-D/D South 1c RPM#6 Nice RPM.

Why? These pieces are usually worth $3 to $5. There are many types of error coins, and the exciting thing about error coins is that they can often be be found in circulation. ty JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Joy - Don't clean them!

If it comes in way under or over that weight (by at least 0.1 gram), then the coin is simply altered. Yours is worth around $1. Anonymous Hi, Jeff -- In U.S.