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Stage as shown in book. I have saved a few myself mostly 2009's and 2010's, but I have a few nice ones from the 90's and 80's that have some spectacular toning that are in great Medium spread on many letters about the rim. Nickels U.S. his comment is here

Because believe it or not I think I have one, I'm serious. Find out more about these coins here: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/03/mint_marks.php Any half dollars before 1980 without a mintmark were made in Philadelphia. MS64RD...$25.00, MS65RD $45.00 1987-D/D 1c RPM#3, VCR#1/RPM#1, Wexler WRPM-003. Send note to Staff Changeless Valued Member 273 Posts Posted02/26/2011 12:50 am I have one more question...But first I want to say to Mr.

1987 Penny Error Worth

Wexler-DMM-001 ("old" Wexler-OMM#2), FS-01-1956D-511 (new Fivaz/Stanton Numbering system format). Is that something that can happen while minting? A Top 100 RPM! A new discovery.

This is known as a die chip variety, and these are generally worth 25 to 50 cents. This is actually an error due to a "filled die" and not a variety. That truely is sad! 1987 White Penny Of course, there are more known now, but still, it is a rarity!

PatternsCounterfeitsUS CoinsGold Coin IdentifierHalf CentsLarge CentsSmall CentsThree CentsFive CentsHalf DimesDimesQuartersHalf DollarsDollarsPeace Silver Dollar Images By Date - Mint MarkSmall DollarsCoin ValuesCoin GradingTake Coin PicsBuy U.S. Thanks. Here are the best pictures I could get in the best lighting. http://koinpro.tripod.com/ErrorVarietyList.htm The middle word in "E Pluribus Unum" on the reverse side of the coin is spelled "Pluridus." Estimated value: 50 cents to $25. 2005-D Jefferson nickel with a ­bison.

I took five pieces had had their grades reaffirmed by JT Stanton and re-holdered in his "Signature Series" slabs. Spooned Penny Is that his neck or something? MS63 RB Sizable thumbprint in front of Lincoln's face up to TRUST. Most coin dealers tend to have at least the most common types of error coins in their holdings.

Misprinted Pennies

Half-Dollars Kennedy half-dollar with missing initials. What Is It? 1987 Penny Error Worth A Top 100 RPM! 1986 Penny Error Got a question?

MS62 $10.00, MS63 $14.50, MS64 $18.00

1946-D 10c Doubled Die Obverse shows moderate on "BER & Y" of LIBERTY shifted towards center; light on forehead. this content You tell the "Near Date" by the thick rim that causes the date to be nearer to the rim. Modern coins with die cracks don't bring extra value, unless it affects the design dramatically. ANACS AU-55 very light toning. $60.00 1964-P&D 10c "Pointed 9" Breen#3757 & #3759 BU set as pulled from the rolls $12.00 1964-P&D 10c "Pointed 9" Breen#3757 & #3759; hand picked MS64 1987 Penny Misprint

The photo shown is of a couple we have in stock. Tags from the storytopten 62 Source: Scott A. How much is it worth? http://rlegsoftware.com/penny-error/1941-penny-error.php I found a 1983 lincoln penny that has the shape of Indiana and the initials IN inside.

Linda I have a 1970 Liberty dime with a bubble in the forhead. Metal Ring Around Penny Strong spread on date, IN GOD WE TRUST, and ERTY of LIBERTY; doubling flat in areas close to the rim due to insufficient metal to strike up (as typical to the https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/67354f6341e419345ee994b23bce570c173f9e0bd512286290c6ed22133afbfa.jpg mykaylie https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c62807506cd14139dc3bc73ef937f01ca5a92ca9230c16d946f393437c5b3d1d.jpg is this 1953 error penny worth anything?

Coppercoins of the world.

Grading Services and their Holders Generally speaking we do not distinguish between old or new style holders (or those that fall in between). This is because we grade the coins -- not the holders. yvette martinez I have a quarter with no face or nothing on front or back,just blank but has the quarter edege, and a Lincoln penny with a lil head of j.f.k. 1978 Penny Errors those who have knowlege of any more dates and the known error please let me know!

Error Coins Show Great Diversity Some common examples of error coins include: Blank error coins Off-center error coins Missing, tilting, or doubled-mintmark error coins Double-struck error coins Wrong design/wrong metal error A Top 100 RPM! Twenty Cents U.S. check over here HOW TO STORE COINS Protect coins that you think are valuable in a "coin flip." That's a two-inch-by-two-inch plastic holder that you can purchase at hobby shops or online.

Powered by vBadvanced CMPS v4.3.0 -- TreasureNet - Pro -- TreasureNet - Option -- .Mobile Style. A CONECA Top 100 RPM! have the scans on request if you need. Uno I found a 2007 D dime gold plated Sean I have a 1943 $10 Bill without in God we trust on the back what's it worth Joy Stevens I have

The Best Of... What to look for: 1982 dimes with no mint mark.