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2006 Penny Error


We do know that they have been produced on the single-squeeze hubbing presses.The 2006 Lincoln cent doubled die variety that we have listed as 2006 1¢ WDDO-032 is a classic example Anonymous i have a 1928 $50 dollar bill with a green back i would like to know if i should hand onto it and how much it is worth. I've been told it's very rare and expensive ,how much is it worth for real Anonymous Warjuan, If you have an authentic 1964 cent struck on the metal round (planchet) for Overall, I would put a low-end value on such a set at $10, though this is a sight-unseen quote. http://rlegsoftware.com/penny-error/2006-d-penny-error.php

but its been my experience being a machinest that this type of damage could not been done by a blunt force due to the fact the coin is not deformed. Source 1909 Penny Lincoln pennies made from 1909 to 1958 were designed by Victor D. Each of your 1943 cents is worth at least 20 to 25 cents each if they're in typical worn grades without any damage or corrosion. If yours is typical, it's well worn. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/talk/paul-wilson-ed-checks-his-penny-jar-and-finds-300-000-1.1380742

2006 Lincoln Penny Error

In your case a company probably took hundreds or thousands of 1969 Lincoln cents, stamped a commemorative image of Apollo 11 on them, and then sold them. Matt817 I have a question about a quarter. Augusta I have two wheat pennies with no mint stamp and I am unsure of the value. MATTHEW GILCHRIST I JUST FOUND A 1907 PENNY WITH AND INDIAN HEAD.

Who can I contact about their value? alicechaos, Mar 13, 2013 #5 + Quote Reply coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy Supporter Im no expert and what im about to say is only from personal experience and should not be taken Copy the html above to display the graph on your website! 2005 Penny Error However, if yours is in only lightly worn grades or better, it can be worth $20 or more.

If that's the case, the coin is worth nothing more than face. This variety shows an extremely strong spread to the north on Lincoln's ear. Anonymous Hello, Peter - Your regular 1955 Lincoln cent has a value of about 2 to 3 cents in worn grades… Still a nice example of a Lincoln wheat ear cent, click for more info Michel That was my question in the beginning.

Grimmer Henderson i have one of 1943 penny call if want 7064953732 arven Hi, Ven, I have a 1959 abraham linkcoln silver penny could u tell anything about it and is 2006 Penny No Mint Mark jack i have 1 to, wierd m wt 3.1 mag,, barely moves it jack flkeyesgirl hi, I came across several rare coins and was wondering if they are of any value. Got a question? Anonymous Hi, Ernie -- I've heard of accounts of 1959-D wheat cents.

2006 Penny Errors Value

Markolous i got a 1998 penny, its got lincoln on it, and its kind of worn but not too badly, well i mean the ridges on the side are pretty much learn this here now Anonymous I have most of the 1940's penny,,but not a 1943 s,,,I do have a 1944 s,,is it worth anything? 2006 Lincoln Penny Error I did a little research… What follows are a number of rare pennies you should hold onto if you ever come across them in loose change or coin collections. Lincoln Penny Errors Value Contact Us Help Home Top RSS Terms and Rules Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2014 XenForo Ltd.

was making pennies with a zinc core in 1982 -- the first year the Mint did that. check my blog My inclination is to guess that your piece may have been coated in either mercury or perhaps coated in a "silver-colored" metal like pewter, aluminum, steel, silver, etc. Coin Community Member eBay Sales Ending Soon Newly Listed Lowest Price Highest Price Certified Coins Certified VAMs Certified Errors View Last 100 New Topics 1942 D Nickel Grade? Worth anything? 2006 D Penny Error

Uncirculated examples are valued closer to $2 to $5. Thank you…!!!! Ed’s are certified, and he’s going to sell them for $635. this content Yet, we know these coins were plated, so it is either a strike-through, or, possibly lamination error on the original planchet, which then was plated, and then struck....

Mint. How Much Is A 2006 Penny Worth I love errors and varieties. The 1928-D, 1935-D, and 1938-S Mercury dimes are worth around $2 each.

The rim is intact with no obvious signs of damage.

worth anything? Setting coin prices is a mysterious art. As such, your coin essentially has no monetary value to coin collectors. 1964 Penny Error Source 1955 Penny Sometimes a penny is worth more than a penny.

Anonymous Hi Augusta, Your 1939 and 1945 Lincoln cents are made in Philadelphia (because they have no mint mark, and one-cent coins don't have a P mint mark). Good luck! The 1943-D steel cent has a value closer to 25 cents or so. have a peek at these guys The ‘V' nickels are each worth around $1 to $2.

But after i was done with the pennies i started looking through 150 dollars worth of quarters and came across a few interesting quarters that i have a few questions about Funny thing. These coins are worth from around 25 cents to about $1 each. Coins Coin Collecting 101 - How to Collect Coins U.S.

Your 1864 2-cent coins is worth about $15 to $20 if it's well worn bust has no damage (like porosity, corrosion, any signs of being cleaned, etc.). As far as value, I double checked this against numerous websites and there is no indication that there is any special value for your quarter because of the rim being noticeably john anderson i have a 1945 one cent pennyand a 1955 should i hang onto them Anonymous Yes, John -- while your 1945 and 1955 one-cent coins aren't worth much money Have you ever found a rare variety in circulation?

I have never heard of this before and I would think that quality control at the mint would prevent such coins from ever being circulated. While your smoking Lincoln penny may have no numismatic value, it may be of interest to novelty coin collectors. Your 1943 steel cent is worth about 20 cents to $1, depending on how much wear it has. If worn, they could each sell to a coin dealer for 75 cents to $1 each (with present the silver prices), though more if they are uncirculated.

Marted56 I have a 1965 silver penny is it worth anything Anonymous Hi, Marted -- No, it sounds like your coin was chemically altered and thus has no extra value above You may also like Items in search results U.S. 1949 D Lincoln Wheat Penny - American One Cent Coin - Denver Mint $0.99 Buy It Now Free shipping U.S. 2006 D However, I encourage you to take a look at these two posts, because if you have certain dates, your pennies may be worth much more.