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2005 Quarter Error


Cross References: CPG: Not Known, CONECA: DDR-063, Wexler: WDDR- N/A, Crawford: DDR-063. cinderella19 months ago If you could look at it I'll send you a photo on your e-mail. which are worth money? Markers:Obverse - Early mid die states shows die cracks through the engraver/designer initials as shown above . http://rlegsoftware.com/quarter-error/2005-p-oregon-quarter-error.php

Please refine your selection. The 50 State Quarters series ran from 1999 until 2008, with special designs representing each state. Please try again. The AM in "America" is separated in the Wide variety, with the letter M centered between the A and E. https://www.littletoncoin.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Display%7C10001%7C29555%7C-1%7C%7CLearnNav%7CStatehood-Quarters-Error-Coins.html

2005 Quarter Dollar

Popular5CoinsCoin Collecting: Lincoln Wheat Pennies (History & Value)by Earl Noah Bernsby 30CoinsRoosevelt Dime Error Listby Zach 443CoinsCheck Your UK Changeby kcent247 Related21hubpages.comAmerica The Beautiful Quarter Errors Listby Zach 10hubpages.comState Quarters List If so, which one? Many worth more. I have recently started looking at the error aspect of coins.

A crack through JF to the W designer's initials at base of bust. Cause: Tilted Hub Doubling. 2005-D 25c MN BS Doubled Die Reverse #5 Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#5/DDR#5: This one displays portions of an "extra tree" to the right of the Reverse - The reverse designs of this variety were frosted in a very sloppy, lazy manner with no attention paid to staying out of the fields or covering all areas of 2004 Quarter These coins range in value, but currently can fetch $50-100.

Cross References: CPG: Not Known, CONECA: DDR-030, Wexler: WDDR-030, Crawford: DDR-030 Cause: Tilted Hub Doubling 2005-P 25c MN BS Doubled Die Reverse #31 Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#31/DDR#31: This one Understanding magic is a path to a logical mind. Joe Macho2 years ago from Colorado Author Tommy - Nickel and Quarter compositions are very similar, being mainly composed of Copper with Nickel coating. http://koinpro.tripod.com/Articles/2005PMinnDDRImages.htm As a coin is struck, coin metal flows into the die crack opening, resulting in what appears as raised lines.

This 2000 New Hampshire vividly depicts a broadstrike. 2005 Kansas Quarter Error Submitted by: John Wexler August 26, 2006. Submitted by: Submitted independently by Richard Helbig and Andrew M. Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#55/DDR#54: Shows doubling on right side of primary tree as pointed out by the arrows.

State Quarter Error List

There are billions of coins struck every year, so its no surprise that thousands of these goofs have sneaked out of the Mint on the Brinks truck. find more Reverse - None significant. 2005 Quarter Dollar Happy searching, and remember, keep that magnifying lens handy! Bicentennial Quarter Error Submitted by: Troy Watkins 09/05 Cross References: CPG: Not Known, CONECA: DDR-001, Wexler: WDDR-001, Crawford: DDR-001 Cause: Tilted Hub Doubling See: See The Numismatic New Story Here 2005-P 25c MN

Markers: Obverse - N/A. http://rlegsoftware.com/quarter-error/2005-oregon-quarter-error.php Reverse - Like we see on DDR#3, the reverse designs of this variety were frosted in a very sloppy, lazy manner with no attention paid to staying out of the fields It would be too easy to make a corny joke about this coin. Cross References: CPG: Not Known, CONECA: DDR-004, Wexler: WDDR-004, Crawford: DDR-004 Cause: Tilted Hub Doubling. 2005-P 25c MN BS Doubled Die Reverse #5 A wide angle view of DDR#5 A Quarter Error Coins List

The obverse shows many die scratches with the most distinctive running through LIBERTY. Reverse - N/A. Cause: Tilted Hub Doubling. 2005-D 25c MN MF Doubled Die Reverse #4 Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#4/DDR#4: This one displays an extra branch on the lower right of the primary http://rlegsoftware.com/quarter-error/2005-kansas-quarter-error.php The existence of a few State Quarter errors is not hard to imagine, especially when one takes into consideration the billions of them that were minted.

I would suggest that you contact a coin grading service to see if they have any information on the quarter. Arizona Quarter Error Aaaargh... Similar to DDR#21 and DDR#27 but further to the right.

Markers:Obverse - Numerous die scratches; none significant.

Reverse - . Coins Cents Silver American Eagles Nickels Commemoratives Dimes Gold Quarters Mint & Proof Sets Half Dollars Obsolete Coinage Dollars Supplies All Supplies Books Display Holders Folders Albums Other Collecting Tools Paper continue reading below our video How to Turn Your Hobby into a Small Business Before checking out the exhaustive list, however, take a moment to read the article he wrote regarding Wyoming Quarter Error In addition, at least 6 different reverse types have been found for the Denver coins, and 4 types for the San Francisco Proof coins, as collectors broaden their search for these

I'm about to go on ebay and buy a few haha. Philadelphia and Denver have their own independent die shops so for them both to have created these doubled dies means that whatever caused the tilt and slippage in the die/hub setup With some more luck, you might be able to piece this one together as well! http://rlegsoftware.com/quarter-error/2005-p-california-quarter-error.php Joe Macho5 years ago from Colorado Author PC - That's very interesting that one of these State Quarters ended up in Britain.

Regular quarter size = 24.3mm. Markers:Obverse - Many die scratches perhaps the most distinctive around TAT of STATES. Submitted by: Kevin Zaletel September 6, 2006.