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2007 Utah State Quarter Error


Has anyone seen or heard of this? the "T" is clear enough to see next to the MM. It's hard to put a value on such a coin, but it is worth something! When mass media headlines scream "Hidden Treasure in Your Pocket Change?", small wonder that word of the Wisconsin State Quarter error has made its way into everyday conversation. check over here

Use A Magnifying Glass to better-view details on the coins to verify if there are keepers. Will check those quarters I have more closely. Two known. Do you know anything about this, or is it is a pretty rare one? Discover More

State Quarter Errors

Silver Seekers: U.S. In quarters and dimes the nickel layer is missing revealing the copper underneath, while cents missing the copper reveal the zinc underneath. Joe Macho18 months ago from Colorado Author Steve - There have been quarters minted on nickel planchets. hi i have a 1982 quarter that have no ridges.

I have not weighed them to verfy the weight difference 6:26 PM, July 09, 2010 Man said... 1974 Washington Quarter w/o the clad cover on the front (copper front) with normalcladdin Image courtesy of Munroe Coins & Collectibles. Good luck to you! State Quarter Error And Variety Types That's the reason I'd send it to ANACS.

Back To The Top of Page Rotated Die Error Not long after the first State Quarters were released in 1999, a few of them were classified as error coins due to The scale is from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 is the worst. There are numerous opportunities in a fast-paced manufacturing environment for a blank or planchet to elude even the most conscientious operator. http://www.ebay.com/sch/Errors-/524/i.html?_dcat=524&Year=2007 One small crack on the back behind the right train, very small going to the rim.

Need help to identify, please. 2014 Utah Quarter Error The quarter has the penny imprint in reverse showing most of Lincolnshire face and semi circle of penny die edge. How do i post a pic? About $75.00 in low grade, but possibly more if graded and authenticated. 12:58 PM, April 29, 2011 Anonymous said...

Kansas Quarter Error

Tew2 years ago My nephew found a 2000-"no P" Virginia statehood quarter. Right now, the US Mint is also producing 50 new quarters called the 50 State Parks quarters. State Quarter Errors Several Presidential Dollars are known that were struck on misaligned, or horizontally misaligned dies. Rare State Quarters To Look For Where exactly is it located?

If you do in fact have a broad strike, the coin is definitely one of the rarer ones out there. check my blog It seems to me that there are hundreds of different types of errors associated with these quarters. I've never heard of any reports of the quarters and halves showing up. Not sure if it's an error or if something else caused it. 2007 P Utah Quarter Error

Especially the western states. then drop out after some striking causing dropped letters. I hope! this content But, the really unique part is the back of the coin is 'peeling' away from the rest of it.

Or?Thanks!Bob 7:40 PM, August 16, 2011 Man said... 2000 P New Hampshire quarter. 2007 Utah Quarter Error Anything less than 5 degrees is considered acceptable by Mint quality standards and is not considered an error. galaz7718 months ago I found a 2001 vermont colorized quarter.

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the doubling will be on the same level also. My grandfather started me on it. Can you tell me anything or even if it has value? Utah State Quarter Errors Anything you can afford is great. - Donations and tips are always welcome and much appreciated!... ................

A great combo error. Ronald De Angelis22 months ago I Have A 1945 Mercury Dime The Y In Mercury Is Struck 7 Times Is This An Error? Value: $0.25 Do you have an error coin and want to know its value? http://rlegsoftware.com/quarter-error/2007-montana-state-quarter-error.php There should never be a fee for coin orders.

If anyone can help me with these coins or share any info I would greatly appreciate it. Tracy10 months ago Hello,was wondering i have a 2004 texas quarter it is filled with copper n appears to be a tad bit smaller....Has anyone heard of this.I read somewhere that It is smooth all the way around and ou can clearly see the copper/ nickel split Normal wear if it is the same size or smaller. This discovery should not have surprised anyone, as many examples of this error have occurred throughout U.S.

Proof -1 Commemorative-0/0 Reply With Quote Jun 08, 2009,03:31 PM #7 EpsilonMinus May 2009 Texas Garrett Ace 250 271 3 times Re: US State Quarters Errors, I think... A few have said i do not. The missing clad layer is seen often enough to be worthless in such small amounts especially on the rim. No defining marks except it has absolutely no date.

johnny54321 - Missed and eternally loved by your CCF family.CCF members sell on eBay!vermontensium's coins for sale :p ANA LM1214396, C4 Send note to Staff Indian1 Pillar of the Community United This Jefferson Dollar has the Reverse Manganese Layer Missing and has Missing Edge Lettering. The odds of such an event occurring on two different dies are astronomical, they argued, and are far more likely attributed to the intentional efforts of an amateur engraver. It weighs approximately 4 grams, nearly a gram less than a regular clad quarter according to my digital kitchen scale, appears to be slightly thinner and is golden in color.

It is the only State Quarter known that is struck on an elliptical planchet in proof and also claims the distinction of being the only known U.S. I'm not sure if it has any value, but it is definitely unique. The quarter that you have could have been struck on a nickel planchet.