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1910 Wheat Penny With Error


JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, MGC - It may be a die break of some sort, though without seeing the coin it is hard to say for certain. You can also see the intials of the artist that designed the otherside of the penny showing the lincoln memorial lower right side of steps I believe. justin magnan hello i have pennies from the year 1941 to 1960 could you please give me a general idea of how much i could sell them for thanks Janelle Square nice Anonymous I have a few of the "rare" lincoln cents that show doubling on the obverse. navigate here

Does anyone know about this coin? The nine in the date is kind of open and it goes straight down below the rest of the date and then has a straight line that goes off to the What then happens is the dies imprint images on each other, and then coins struck by these damaged dies show images of both the front and back designs. and if so whats the value of this coin? https://coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2011/01/wheat_penny_error_coins.php

How Much Is A 1941 Wheat Penny Worth Today

I looked online to see if they have any value to them and stumbled across your site. I have a few jefferson nickels that are pre 1964. Now can't find the article at all. If you decide to sell them, you'd want to try going to a local coin dealer.

Both interesting and desirable, authentic wheat penny errors are scarce and valuable. smm I have a 1943 penny and a magnet doent stick to it .How do I know if its really the copper one? Just curious if its worth anything and if so, how much?..someone had mentioned to me that if the stars were visable in the feathers on the headdress it is worth more???….thanks 1940 Wheat Penny Many Lincoln cents were coated with mercury after leaving the mint.

Anonymous have found 1953 penny with (one cent) on back backward and part of united states backwards also has de of united and has ats of states and united sates on Infact, some of the scarcest wheat cents are downright expensive -- costing into the hundredsof dollars in the most worn condition. I guess I should separate them out, but what is the process in doing this and how do I make sure I'm not getting ripped off? http://www.coinvalues.com/wheat-pennies/1910 Steven1998 i have the same thing with a 1947S penny the "O" is missing in "one cent" and the "A" missing in "America" [emailprotected] I have a 1929 penny @1907 dime

rainsysalas What about a 1919 wheat penny or a 1947 D wheat penny? 1920 Wheat Penny The 1955 doubled die penny is sometimes included in Lincoln cent collections, though it's not necessary as it is not considered a regular-strike variety. The backside doesn't line up with the front of the coin, looks to be turned about 90 degrees. 09-17-2012,11:59 AM #2 deolslyfox View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Super Moderator Thanks!

1936 Wheat Back Penny

The side with the wheat appears pretty clean. IS THIS RIGHT BILL Zorko Yes, those are the intials of the artist that designed the picture, found on lower shoulder of lincoln. How Much Is A 1941 Wheat Penny Worth Today About a month ago I found a 1918 D penny in my pocket change and I was just wondering how much it is worth. Value 1919 Wheat Penny However, if your coin doesn't stick to a magnet, it's worth getting authenticated to see if it's the real deal.

I might have a rare find here! 09-17-2012,06:25 PM #5 fyrffytr1 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Gold Member Join Date Aug 2010 Location Leesburg, Ga. check over here and Demand The date on wheat cents is found on the obverse (the front) to the right of Lincoln's portrait. JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Kevin, Thank you for the detailed photo. Such a piece is considered altered and has no extra value over face. How Much Is A Penny From 1918 Worth Today

Anonymous R, Although I can't say for certain without seeing your coin, it sounds like a weak strike or a filled die (grease or debris in the thing that stamps the are all nickels 90% silver that are 1964 and older? (besides the WWII nickels) i heard they aren't JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Steven - Actually, the only nickels that contain silver are SOME ppepper I have2 roll of wheatpennies dating from 1938 to1958. his comment is here Anonymous Hi, Lassie -- Unfortunately that is a joke.

Another rare, and the most well-known, wheat penny error was the 1955 Doubled Die Error. 1946 Wheat Penny The back looks normal but the front looks like it was struck twice with the back-side die after Lincoln's head was struck. And now that I am starting my collection over, I am more interested in learning their history and the error coins..

What it means?

Bazan Veronica i have a 1955 and one that is 1955s and one 1955d penny are these ones to keep Anonymous Hi, Veronica - Your pennies aren't rare, but they are MurdaMaq Josh.. Is this normal? 1937 Penny Most others are simply worth a few cents.

Bradley is awesome i have a 2009 log cabin coin and a 1957 wheat back coin. Joy Conway Hi I have several wheat pennies my friend said to clean the with orange juice. Babii I have a 1946 D i think very strangly struck. weblink Coins with no wear are considered Uncirculated.

Published by: stanreginald RARE BLUE UNSEARCHED WHEAT PENNY ROLLS LINCOLN WHEAT CENTS OLD US COIN LOT SET $ Image RARE BLUE UNSEARCHED WHEAT PENNY ROLLS LINCOLN WHEAT CENTS OLD US COIN It is true, however,that -- especially among pre-1934 Lincoln cents, S-mint pieces are generally the most valuable and the scarcest. Thank you! Below is a list of wheat cents dates and mints that are worth a substantial amount: 1909-S 1909-S VDB 1911-S 1912-S 1914-D 1922-D 1924-D 1926-S 1931-S If you have one of

Monica But, what if the 1958 penny is wheat and "D"? Anonymous Great advice, Everett! Mike B I have a 1910 D penny with the Lincoln Memorial on the other side JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Mike, This is a novelty coin of some sort and has no monetary value Joshua McMorrow-HernandezI'm a roller coaster junkie, a weather enthusiast, a frequent traveler, and a numismatist.

JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Angel - We actually posted an article about these types of pennies before that you may find helpful: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2013/02/silver-penny.php Michael Gawerecki 1949 d lincoln wheat used but good condition After reading your blog, I looked through the wheat pennies and discovered that I have 3 wheat pennies with the year 1944. Kevin Offerosky Thank you for your reply, just have to add, when looking at it thru a loop you can see the 4 was never struck, the 1 9. & 3 JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Rainy - A regular 1944 Lincoln cent in worn condition is worth around 10 cents.

Silver Coin with Murano Venetian Glass Maple Leaf2016 W 1/4oz gold standing Liberty.Canada 2014 $20 Silver Coin 75th Anniversary of the First Royal VisitBrazil 5 cruzeiros Crisp UNC birthnote series 4495A. Send note to Staff robbudo Pillar of the Community United States 2383 Posts Posted12/29/2010 10:12 pm It does not add a premium to the coin - laminations have to And the bottom quarter of the back is almost flat and smooth.