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1929 Penny Lamination Mint Error


Richard S. The log cabin represents where Lincoln was born and spent the early years of his life. If it's a B, this is, again, just somebody's personal mark -- your coin was not stamped at the U.S. Can you tell me anything about this coin? navigate here

Silver Coin with Murano Venetian Glass Maple Leaf2016 W 1/4oz gold standing Liberty.Canada 2014 $20 Silver Coin 75th Anniversary of the First Royal VisitBrazil 5 cruzeiros Crisp UNC birthnote series 4495A. Anonymous Terry, A 1905 Indian cent has a collector value of about $2 to $5 in usual circulated grades. Let's start with the 1943 penny: 1943 Penny In recent years a "1943 S" (San Francisco Mint) copper coin has gone for about $60,000 dollars at auction. Can't find any info on it.

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Please see my comments above… powerzap69 another coin that i can't be for sure about is a 1925 quarter that appears to be deformed from the left of the liberty. Cents U.S. I am looking for a way to auction or sell this. Because even though they are quite old, they are also very common coins, too.

Anonymous hi i am a young coin coltor and i have a 1941 nickel and a 1945 wheat penny i was wonder are the whorth anything? There is also upward movement, especially toward the top of the break. U.S. 1952 D Wheat Penny Error I just don't want to be taken advantage of.

Then, once they're all divided by pre-'34 and '34-on, I would check out the dates and see if you have any of the coins listed in these posts: *Rare Lincoln Cents: If you have a cent that was plated with silver or covered in mercury (or something else) to make it look silver in color, your coin would unfortunately be worthless. While you may not have found any big-money coins this time around, do keep checking each and every coin that goes through your hands. http://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=241574 Kennedy Half Dollar (1965- 1969) $10 - $75.

Worth anything? 1951 Wheat Penny No Mint Mark Mint did, it would generally be considered a novelty coin. the second coin i found was a 1992 quarter that had a noticibley fatter outer rim than other quarters. If you're not familiar with coin dealers, I recommend checking out the list of coin dealers available at the Professional Numismatists Guild -- these are among the best coin dealers available

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Washington Quarter-silver $40. Coin Die break Cud Indian Cent (1859-1909) $1 - $5. $10 - $30. Wheat Penny Errors List In your case a company probably took hundreds or thousands of 1969 Lincoln cents, stamped a commemorative image of Apollo 11 on them, and then sold them. Wheat Penny Error Guide The value of a typical 1919 Lincoln cent in typical circulated grades is between 10 cents and $1.

I cannot find it in any books. check over here It has been compiled by many of the top major mint error dealers. Anonymous Anne, Such a piece is relatively common and worth about 10 to 20 cents in typical, circulated grades. The 1942-S is worth about 5 cents. Error Coins To Look For

but yet its easily 20 percent thinner on the strike area? Washington Quarter (1932 - 1964) $2 - $3. $15 - $25. Bianca B My boyfriend found a 1943 penny. http://rlegsoftware.com/wheat-penny/1918-penny-error.php Thank You Jo Anonymous Hi Jo, You're quite welcome -- I understand.

Please help Anonymous Hello Karen, The value for your 2 1943 pennies is about 25 cents to $1 each if they are in typical circulated grades. 1951 D Wheat Penny Error The 15 to 50 cent value is what you might expect to get if you sold them to a coin dealer, though you'll find it costs a bit more that that john anderson i have a 1945 one cent pennyand a 1955 should i hang onto them Anonymous Yes, John -- while your 1945 and 1955 one-cent coins aren't worth much money

State Quarter Errors The new quarters with their novel designs have sparked keen interest in State quarter errors.

Anonymous Hi, Matt -- Rim-width variations are generally a common thing -- many times, coins will also exhibit very arrow rims, too. You will want to check out these two articles; one discusses the rarest Lincoln wheat cents, the other lists out the scarce (but not really rare) Lincoln cents. 7 Rare Lincoln I remember the prices from the P (Philadelphia) mint ranging from around $10,000 many years ago to $73,000 in recent times. 1941 Wheat Penny Error The copper 1943 cent, of which only about 40 are known to exist, is the $80,000-plus 1943 cent.

If yours is typical, it's well worn. Thank u, JO Anonymous Hello, Jo -- Many companies have assembled sets like yours featuring the 1943 steel cents, the ‘wartime' silver nickels, and such, but yours -- while not worth Assuming such is the case with your coin, it's likely worth a couple dollars to people who collect such coins. weblink the other side was not affected and you can tell this was done in the mint.

Anonymous Mona, Yes, it's worth a little more than face value at about 5 to 10 cents in typical circulated grades. Both your coins are common and worth just face value if worn, but they are neat coins to have and are quite popular with coin collectors! Coins & Currency World Coins & Currency General Ask the Coin Doc History of U.S. Very wide and well centered pieces will bring much higher prices than the estimates below.

War Time Nickels (1942-45) $10 - $200. P.O. If you do want to try and make those few extra cents off it, you could sell it to a coin dealer or sell it online at eBay. Good luck!

Kennedy profile stamp on your Lincoln cent. As for your wheat pennies, I don't know what dates you have. It's worth something -- in the case of yours, it should have a value of around $10 (more or less). While your smoking Lincoln penny may have no numismatic value, it may be of interest to novelty coin collectors.

Good luck! Please try the request again.