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1941 Wheat Penny Error


rainsysalas What about a 1919 wheat penny or a 1947 D wheat penny? You can also call us at 1-800-872-6467 luis piedrahita | February 4, 2014 - Reply muy interesante su pagina me gustaria contactarme con usted tengo una buena cantidad de monedas especial By the way, the 1943 steel Lincoln penny is not at all a rare -- or even scarce -- coin. I primarily collect and study U.S. his comment is here

Lynn JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Lynn - The U.S. it is in very good condition maybe ms-55++/66. Among these, all are 35 percent silver (and 56 percent copper and 9 percent manganese). And as if the copper drained. https://coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2011/01/wheat_penny_error_coins.php

Value 1919 Wheat Penny

Exciting! As for your 1949 blobby mintmark coin may have been caused by grease in the area of the die that contains the mintmark, though it would be hard to really pin Coin Guide > Hobbies & Crafts > Coin Values > 7 Rare Wheat Pennies Worth Collecting & What They're Worth Among the most popular U.S.

Mary LeBlanc Mary LeBlanc I save my dimes for my grandson. do you know anything about this coin i cant find nothing online so far.. Anonymous Each is worth about 3 cents, Mark. Wheat Penny Errors List Silverado, Jan 11, 2010 #3 + Quote Reply rockdude Coin Collector Nice coin accept it's not an error.

Steve Hoover Hi,Is there a good way to ready a worn date on a flying eagle cent?I have a 10x eyepiece and on my flying eagle I see a 18_6.I wonder 1936 Wheat Back Penny it is just in bad condition. I have a few from 1925 to 1958 but after actually looking into coins for the first time I had no idea how much is entailed…lol..a lot. Dwhanscom Hi, my name is Dave.

Below you will find a list of rare wheat pennies as well as some other valuable pennies that you should keep an eye out for, including error coins. 1918 Wheat Penny Error Well, I have 2 options for you about selling those, but first, as for that 1955 Lincoln cent, it depends if it's a doubled die variety or not… A regular 1955 And now that I am starting my collection over, I am more interested in learning their history and the error coins.. Could it be worth more than a couple cents?

1936 Wheat Back Penny

Thank you for your question!

Anonymous Hi, Klupton -- I had never heard of a 1957-S Lincoln cent of any type, so I double checked a number of reputable references on this to be sure, and Value 1919 Wheat Penny Die breaks aren't usually worth much, if any, more than a typical piece, but coin collectors do hang on to these coins anyway to collect different types of die varieties/attributions. How Much Is A Penny From 1918 Worth Today Is it worth much?

JACKIE RECENTLY FOUND LINCOLN PENNIES FROM 1909 TO 1960. this content Thanks again josh! However, it never hurts to hang onto it should it become something of value down the road. If so please reply as soon as possible. 1952 D Wheat Penny Error

JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, MGC - It may be a die break of some sort, though without seeing the coin it is hard to say for certain. I did a search on prices several years ago and some of these were between $15-$20k or more. glad to see someone else has wonders. http://rlegsoftware.com/wheat-penny/1956-d-wheat-penny-error.php However, if your 1882 does have diamonds strongly visible, then your coin is worth around $10 to $15 or more.

It was restored to the obverse in 1918, in minuscule letters under Lincoln's shoulder. 1938 Wheat Penny Error Could it be a fake. Mint.

There are several free sites that do this just look them up stop being lazy.

Sell them off Marvin Rodriguez | February 14, 2014 - Reply If you’re interested in selling, visit http://www.ha.com/common/sell.php?type=ld-fb-cs-sellnow-102612 for more information. If you could be of assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Soph I also have this wheat penny that is so worn down all i can see is: Lincoln's head, barely the word liberty, the wheat, and the words one cent. 1954 Penny Error Karen I have a native Indian cent it is a 1909 its my understanding it was before the Lincoln penny e- pluribusunum is not on the coin .

But which are the rarest wheat pennies? There is nothing that shows this penny anywhere that I have found. The size & font appear identical to the "7" found on the 1967 Lincoln cent and, if the coin is held obverse side up and thought to represent a watch face http://rlegsoftware.com/wheat-penny/1926-wheat-penny-error.php Only 1 1944 Penny made of steel is known to exist with an S mintmark.

it is a 1958 ddo dd in/in god we trust dd in liberty. however, one in top-end uncirculated could easily command a figure close to or above what you mentioned. Shop For Wheat Pennies By Year 1909-S VDB 1910 1910-S 1911 1911-S 1912 1913 1914 1915-P 1914-D 1914-S 1915 1916 1916-D 1916-S 1917 1918 1919 1919-D 1919-S 1920 1920-S 1921 1922 Any ideas?

Thank you for reaching out. Any idea on\how much its value? If you'd like, feel free to post a pic here for us to further verify your coin. Anonymous Fishnmart, That really depends on the individual condition of each coin, but I can tell you off the bat that the typical cleaned coin is often worth only half of

I have searched through untold thousands of cents in the last two years and this was only my second error discovered! I have a very small bill…looks to be asian, not typical size red with a truck on the back. Should you have any questions please feel free to shoot us a message, call 1-800-872-6467 or email [email protected] Thank you, Client Services Social Media Team KATHI FISHER | March 22, 2015 jeremy I have a 1919 us penny, that on the backside has the stamp of a nickel, .with a large V in the center Kevin I have a 1929 wheat penny

JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Murda - It is terrible that your coin collection was stolen, though if anything good came from that unfortunate event, it's that maybe you've had a renaissance in your A 1949-S Lincoln cent is worth around 10 cents. Randy Clower I have a 1961 dime that I believe is silver can you tell me the value of it? This is a fairly common issue and your coin may be worth $1 to $5 to error coin collectors.

Some have S's and some have D's and some without any markings. David Goist | February 5, 2014 - Reply I've got lots of old wheat, buffalos and silver halves n dollars.