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1944 Wheat Penny Error


JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Raliek - A 1959 doubled die obverse cent is worth around $10 to $20, based on its condition. Wheat on front wipes out most of "Trust" on the front and "Unum" is missing from the back (along with one wheat). Error. Anonymous Hi, Dave -- First off, welcome back to coin collecting! http://rlegsoftware.com/wheat-penny/1926-wheat-penny-error.php

The fascination with wheat penny errors is nothing new - some of these coins almost immediately began disappearing out of circulation after being released to the public due to hoarding by Guest Here are the pics you asked for. Any thoughts about how much it is worth? How much did will I loose on the value?

1944 Penny Value

Do I have something? Now, for all intents and purposes, there is some disagreement about what exactly makes an error coin. Is it worth anything? Gladys My 1955 wheat penny has no 1 ( 955}.

greg i have a 1811 penny but cant find any were to sell it for what its worth JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Based on condition, your 1811 large cent is worth anywhere from $30 Thankyou JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Yanna, Sounds like somebody plated your one-cent coin in pewter, silver, or perhaps mercury. The result is two half circles to the left and right of Lincoln's bust. 1952 Penny Error Mary LeBlanc Mary LeBlanc I save my dimes for my grandson.

However, if it were a doubled die, you would see a ghost image of the date and lettering on the heads (obverse) side of the coin. I made a few small bids as a kind of curious investment gamble and won some error pennies without knowing what the descriptions on the coins labels mean. All Rights Reserved. http://www.coinvalues.com/wheat-pennies/1944 Steveh8423 It's amazing how rare certain pennies are.

Michele I have an1904 Indian head wheat penny without any stamp on it. 1951 Penny Error Chuck Benedon I have three pennies with double hair lines on the forehead. A penny of Dollar Minted in 1902. Well, I have 2 options for you about selling those, but first, as for that 1955 Lincoln cent, it depends if it's a doubled die variety or not… A regular 1955

1944 Wheat Penny No Mint Mark

Don't forget to visit Amazon to get your very own Kindle e-reader and a variety of Books about Coins . https://www.pinterest.com/pin/323696291941344497/ I haven't looked at all of them yet. 1944 Penny Value on the bottom of Lincoln's shoulder, next to the rim, of the obverse. 1944 Wheat Penny Value If you're looking for the Lincoln Wheat Cent values by date and mint then visit HERE Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909-Present 1943 Lincoln Wheat Steel Cent The Steel Cent was produced in

It is also ALOT lighter than a regular penny (a regular wheat head). http://rlegsoftware.com/wheat-penny/1945-wheat-penny-error.php Such a coin isn't really worth more than usual (about 10 cents to a dollar) but is definitely a spectacle to hold in the hand. Any idea on\how much its value? I understand that this would be an extremely rough estimate, but I was wondering if you could guess how much a 1909 S wheat penny would be worth in around 200 1944 P Wheat Penny

JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Nicole - Without seeing a photo of the coin it is hard to say for certain, but I would suggest that the cause of the missing "3" may be Here's some more info on third party coin grading: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/01/slabbed_coins.php Brandon Hi I have a 1946 penny and the 19is big and the 46 is really small and its not wore Anonymous L, I wish I could help you on that -- I'm not aware of any particular doubled die where the head is so evidently double struck on the Lincoln cent. his comment is here Top Rated PlusSellers with highest buyer ratingsReturns, money backShips in a business day with trackingLearn More Top Rated PlusSellers with highest buyer ratingsReturns, money backShips in a business day with trackingLearn

I'm currently doing a small research project. 1942 S Penny Larabelle7 iI have a 1919 penny,is it worth anything? Kristy Appel I have a penny that I think is zinc and it is marked 194 abd there looks ike a number or something under the liberty is it valuable or

Could you please help me with what I am dealing with here?

Could someone at one of the services made a clerical error and thus overstated the number certified? JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Joy -‘ Without seeing the coin it's hard to say if it is just circulation wear or a misstrike that would cause the weak image, but at any rate In fact, many people held it aside for that very reason. 1949 D Penny Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/TheFunTimesGuideToCoins Anonymous Hi Carlos, If you'd like to post a photo of your coins on The Fun Times Guide to Coins Facebook wall, we'd be happy to take

Gclary i have one 1914 wheat back penny plain good condition.i have one 1955-D wheat back in good condition.i also have one 1936 quarter in fair condition.i would like to sell. jim I have a 1909-s VDB that I made the mistake of cleaning. JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Ernie, Such pieces are ordinarily worth around $1 to $2. weblink G.

james center i have a 1910 penny with no reverse stamp is it worth any thing? which is also worth around $100,000. Soph I also have this wheat penny that is so worn down all i can see is: Lincoln's head, barely the word liberty, the wheat, and the words one cent. The nine in the date is kind of open and it goes straight down below the rest of the date and then has a straight line that goes off to the

Mamacgillivray I have 2 Indian Head pennies 1891 1907 Do they have any value ? Steven1998 it's probably a buffalo nickel mike It's a Liberty nickel roper I have a 1914d penny, however the 1 before the 4 is noticably longer (elongated top & bottom) than The side with Lincoln is the only side that has been pressed. Mint decided to release the pennies anyway in hopes that the public would not notice.

THANK YOU Anonymous Sallie, A typical 1914 Lincoln cent that is heavily worn and has no mintmark is worth between 15 cents and $1 Darlene Townes i have a 1920 wheat JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Yes, Alex - it's worth around 20 cents. Anonymous Hi Kay, Your zinc-coated steel 1943 wheat penny us worth between 10 cents and $1, depending on its overall condition. JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Andre - Would you mind posting a photo of this coin so I can further verify the nature of the coin and hopefully help verify its authenticity?

Could you estimate how much it is worth please? Keep in mind that while the 1943 bronze Lincoln penny is very popular, it is virtually never considered as necessary for completing a Lincoln cent collection. Return to US Coins See Where the Mint Mark is located on US Coins If You Can't Find What You Are Looking For.... I believe if the filled die is the case, your coin may be worth a slight premium, perhaps a couple dollars.

could this coin have been pressed on a copper planchet? What are your thoughts on value of this wheat penny? JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Christy, Such a piece is actually made up by an individual who fused two Lincoln cents together; such a mint error isn't possible. How Much Is It Worth?