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1947 Penny Error


Anonymous Great thanks. thomas hall Hey there, I have a half 1943 dime and the other side is a 1941 penny, both are heads and neither side has a mint mark, this wasn't made This would have been crafted from a real penny, as it would be technically impossible for the U.S. Anonymous I have a 1909 wheat penny with no mint mark. http://rlegsoftware.com/wheat-penny/1918-penny-error.php

Coin Guide > Hobbies & Crafts > Popular > Wheat Pennies: The Rarest & Most Valuable Wheat Cents Wheat pennies have been a popular coin to "snag" out of circulation ever Would you know anything about this? About a month ago I found a 1918 D penny in my pocket change and I was just wondering how much it is worth. Anonymous Hi, Foster -- Thanks for bringing those two elusive piece up. https://coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2008/08/wheat_pennies.php

1947 Error Penny Value

Dorothybaumgardt I have a 1977 steel penny that most collectors say they have never heard of. Actually I have 4 of them all ‘s' mint. 2 are small date and 2 are large date. Steven1998 i just started my collection of U.S currency and other countires but do you have any knowledge on silver certifcates because i have a few myself i would like to rabin I have 1 new penny elizabeth II 1971,1981.how much worth it might be?

would it be considered a mistake. It is often called the “ghost of Lincoln.” The technical term for this is IMPD (Internal Metal Displacement Phenomenon). Submit Your Work! 1946 Wheat Penny Anonymous Hi, Prufessa -- Thanks for the question!

Such pieces aren't really worth anything numismatically, however. Lynn JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Lynn - The U.S. It has 4 circles and a bar like fold over the wheat. How to...

As it would have it I do. 1949 Wheat Penny Anonymous NC, As far as circulating United States coinage is concerned, the only design on the penny in 1943 was the Lincoln wheat cent. The mintage figures for 1947 break down the following way: 190,555,000 minted in Philadelphia; 194,750,000 in Denver (D); and 99,000,000 in San Francisco (S). Was wondering if it might be worth anything.

1952 Wheat Penny Error

wondering if its worth anything ? http://www.coinvalues.com/wheat-pennies/1947 Joshua Angel, A 1919 Lincoln cent without a mintmark (which means it was struck at the Philadelphia mint) is worth around 20 cents in typical worn grades. 1947 Error Penny Value Thank you for any information you can give me. 1920 Wheat Penny Type Identification Guide * American Eagles: More Than Just Bullion * Grading Paper Money * International Number Systems Chart * Instant Identifier: A Guide to 20th Century Coins Subscribe to Numismatic

And now that I am starting my collection over, I am more interested in learning their history and the error coins.. this content MintYear Issued1947 1947 Lincoln Wheat Pennies Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez The original bronze alloy used in Lincoln Pennies from 1909 through 1942 returned, beginning with Lincoln wheat Penny coins struck in The CONECA Glossary (derived largely from the works of Alan Herbert) says: “When a die nears the end of its usefulness, often it exhibits the major central design of its opposing Inherit some coins?Our coin forum is completely free! 1945 Wheat Penny

do you know anything about this coin i cant find nothing online so far.. You can find one near you by checking out an online directory or a phone book. It wasn't until recently that I picked up a magnifying glass to inspect a flea market purchase of hundreds of wheat pennies. weblink I guess I should separate them out, but what is the process in doing this and how do I make sure I'm not getting ripped off?

It started when a friend asked me if I had a 1970 penny. Wheat Penny Value Chart 2015 Anthony Dollars? Numismaster Coin Price Guide Look up coin values with the Numismaster coin price guide.

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MurdaMaq Josh.. JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Depends on the condition of the 1920 Lincoln cent. I wish you the best! 1940 Wheat Penny That means some grease got stuck in the date portion of the die (the stamp that impresses the design on the blank piece of metal).

JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Walt, It sounds like it was either weakly struck or the die was filled. are all nickels 90% silver that are 1964 and older? (besides the WWII nickels) i heard they aren't JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Steven - Actually, the only nickels that contain silver are SOME Worn 1937 Lincoln cents are worth from about 5 cents to $1. check over here Such pieces typically have nominal value over their regular value and would fetch the best prices by being sold to those who collect error coins and are interested in such pieces.

Coin Guidea Fun Times Guide site The Fun Times Guide > U.S. FosterPennyMan You forgot to mention the rare 1943 copper pennies. Steven1998 Thanks for ur help Josh!! I was looking at it with a magnifying glass and it looks like the word LIBERTY on the left hand side of President Lincoln's face that there is no L on

coinage, when you turn a coin which has its obverse ("heads side") facing up and flip it either to the left or right, the reverse ("tails side") will look upside down. Hazel Georgekish i have a 1941 american penny, it's pretty worn out. Over these years, several scarce date and mint mark combinations were produced in a coin series which survived two world wars, The Great Depression, and monumental societal changes. jan I have a 1968 pennie.the back has a head and the building stamped on it.

Anonymous do you happen to know who would like to buy it Gene Lovell Its worth about $25. They are still shinny and have no wear. In most cases, only coins with a VERY weak strike sell for a premium (often a few dollars over usual value, but sometimes more). References "Whitman's Red Book: A Guide Book to United States Coins 2008"; R.S.

Anonymous Your welcome, Ti. I cannot find any information regarding this number being stamped on this wheat penny.