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1952 D Wheat Penny Error


JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Pepper, A coin dealer will pay about 2 to 3 times face value for rolls of common, worn wheat cents. Such errors are common and worth $1 to $5 to interested coin collectors. any help out there. I would like to sell them. navigate here

I appreciate your time and insight. Do you know the value of it? But the "D" is very high relief. The "L" is the initial for James Longacre, who designed the Indian cent.

Wheat Penny Errors List

Your coin likely has the double image as a result of machine doubling and has little if any extra value over face. We have several Lincoln collectors and experts here that can give you a much better answer than me. This price does not reference any standard coin grading scale.

If the photo(s) of your coin appears online, go ahead and just post the URL of the webpage where it's published. I also have a 1998d penny that's falling apart. or any coins graded. 1941 Penny Error it looks as if both sides were struck on one side.

Thank you for your question! 1941 Wheat Penny Error Hotbrneyes123 i have a1944 d wheat penny.. Anyone seen anything like this? In either case,there is no added monetary value to your coin.

My dad thinks 40 cents….. 1958 D Wheat Penny JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Coin Boy, A 1917-S and 1925 Lincoln cent is each worth around 10 to 20 cents. Is it worth anything? Mamacgillivray I have 2 Indian Head pennies 1891 1907 Do they have any value ?

1941 Wheat Penny Error

How can I find out if this is a steel 1944 wheat penny; as well as find out the value for it? https://www.cointalk.com/threads/1952d-wheat-penny.47738/ For more information about the value of your Lincoln cents, check out these pages: Lincoln Memorial cent values: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2008/12/lincoln_penny.php Lincoln wheat cent cent values: //coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2008/08/wheat_pennies.php EDWARD S FORD I have found Wheat Penny Errors List I was very careful in how I cleaned it no rubbing it with anything. 1938 Wheat Penny Error Thinking about sending them in to PCGS, but worry about the cost of finding out it won't be enough to create a variety.

My grandmother still has another one. check over here The only recourse you may have is the contact the Better Business Bureau in the town where the coin shop was located and make a report against the shop owner. kman0313 Hey I have a 1877 trade dollar, I had it appraised at $10,000 the first time then the second guy said it was only worth about $10 it is in Kevin Offerosky Thank you for your reply, just have to add, when looking at it thru a loop you can see the 4 was never struck, the 1 9. & 3 1945 Wheat Penny

Anonymous Hi, Julie - A 1956 wheat cent is worth 5 cents. Thank you. If this is a due to a mint error, it's worth around $50 to $100, but if it is caused by a common science experiment in which chemicals are used to his comment is here I just started getting into collecting coins again with my wife, well I came across 10 1957 D wheat pennies that have a blob of copper in the lower loop of

I haven't looked at all of them yet. 1949 Wheat Penny Coin Guide > Hobbies & Crafts > Popular > 5 Popular Wheat Penny Error Coins It seems everybody likes collecting Lincoln wheat pennies. Since I read a lot about not cleaning your coins.

There are 4 types of 1922 cents: 1922-D 1922 weak D 1922 No-D weak reverse 1922 No-D strong reverse Of the 4 types, the most desired 1922 cent is the 1922

ill try and get a picture on here of what they look like. Teresa Sandler I have a 1953 S Wheat Penny that the top of the 9 is filled in (like a bubble)… is this an error coin and how much would it I have been reading alot about doubleing and mistricks but havn't read anything about them stricking the penny with both side on one side. 1920 Penny Zorko My son has been collecting pennies recently and we were looking thru a roll of pennies and stumbled across, what seems to say 1985 as the year and on the

I need information. What is known, though, is that the 1959-D Lincoln wheat cent has drawn plenty of attention as a true numismatic oddity. The 1955 doubled die penny is sometimes included in Lincoln cent collections, though it's not necessary as it is not considered a regular-strike variety. weblink You have, in most cases, a popular rarity.

Even what i can see is barely readable. Any idea what this is? Copyright 2005 - 2016 Coin Community Family- all rights reserved worldwide. JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Dave - The simplest way to tell a Lincoln wheat cent from a Lincoln Memorial cent is by checking the date.

Register Now! What other dates do you have? Two Coins Half Dollar 1974 and 1990. Thanks for your question.

Johnny I have various coins and currency. The coin listed below is not the one. I thought that 1955 was the most common of the doubled die pennies… http://coins.about.com/od/coinsglossary/g/doubled_die_def.htm JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Lady, The 1955 doubled die Lincoln cent is definitely one of the most popular coins of Thanks!

But it's half printed any ideas if it's worth any thing? Its value may increase in the future and it's getting pretty difficult to find nice old wheat cents in circulation these days. Only 484,000 of these coins were struck. And It's Concave Shaped.

Joshua McMorrow-HernandezI'm a roller coaster junkie, a weather enthusiast, a frequent traveler, and a numismatist. Insider posted Sep 29, 2016 at 11:24 AM New laws for Coin Store Owners in... A Coin Minted One Peso Dominican Franco in 1897. Donna I have a 1960 & 1960-D Penney where they both have small zeros ….anything?

Sissy Dennis I have a 1969 D Lincolyn penny that appears to be missing the word "IN" from IN GOD WE TRUST& the letter "L" in LIBERTY.The letters "UST" in TRUST Anonymous Thanks for the question, Mark -- I would need to see the coin to really give an educated suggestion as to what's going on.